Thursday, 13 February 2014

Winding Down

Good Day Everyone,

One of the goals that my hubby and I had for 2014 was to try and wind down and relax more before going to bed. We both tend to go through phases where we struggle to sleep and I think this has partly been due to us being on our laptops / ipads etc right before bed which means our minds are still very active and stimulated. So as a way of getting a better night’s sleep and generally just switching off, we’ve been getting into the habit of lighting our oil burners in the evening and trying to put the technology gadgets down!

We picked up these beautiful oil burners from a market we visited in Phnom Penh (Cambodia) when we went on a last minute weekend away last year. As well as the two oil burners, we picked up three essential oils, lemongrass, jasmine and lotus. Whilst all three scents are very relaxing, we enjoy burning the lemongrass, in particular, as it reminds us of the boutique spa hotel we stayed at where we had some lovely treatments.

In addition to lighting the oil burners, we make sure that we have no bright lights on and we have some spa / Zen type music playing in the background (just type Zen music into YouTube and there’s a huge selection to choose from). This means that even if my hubby is having to deal with some late night work emails, there is some calming music playing in the background, which I hope at the very least, is slowing his mind down, even if it is at a more subconscious level. The candle light, essential oil scents and Zen music all work together to create a very relaxing and calming ambience that has been most conducive to us both getting a good night’s sleep.

I absolutely love listening to Zen music and often have it on when I’m typing up blog posts. In fact, it’s on right now as I type this post along with one of the oil burners, sending wafts of lemongrass in my direction whenever there’s a gentle breeze coming in from the balcony. I will always listen to Zen music when I’m doing my yoga type stretches as I find it helpful in getting me into that meditative mind set and helps to slow my breathing down. Given the techno-communicative crazed world we live in, sometimes we light the oil burners and play Zen music during the daytime on weekends when we want to get into a more relaxed and calmer frame of mind - it’s so soothing to simply just sit still and be every once in a while :o)

What do you do to switch off and relax? How do you wind down before bed? Do you have a particular routine or things to help you?

Love Sheen xxx

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