Thursday, 6 February 2014

Roasted Vegetables Three Ways

Good Day Everyone,

When it comes to getting my five-a-day, I find eating fruit so much easier than vegetables. With fruit you simply peel / wash / chop and voila it’s ready to eat but with most vegetables there is that additional step of cooking that makes it just that bit more time and energy heavy. Also, some vegetables such as butternut squash are beyond the means of my arthritic hands and fingers. I just do not have the grip nor the strength in my hands to chop and / or peel such tough vegetables. 

So in order to make eating vegetables a bit easier, my hubby tends to bulk roast a selection of vegetables that we can eat for more than one day. Now this post isn’t a recipe per se but just me sharing the different ways in which we eat roasted vegetables. 
A few days ago my hubby made the below tray of roasted vegetables. He peeled and cut up the super hard to cook vegetables like sweet potatoes, potatoes and butternut squash and par boiled them. This is so that they can be roasted at the same time as the not so tough vegetables which don’t need be par boiled, like baby carrots and baby courgettes.
In a foil baking tray he added some olive oil, balsamic vinegar which helps to bring out the sweetness of the carrots, the par boiled sweet potatoes, potatoes and butternut squash as well as some baby carrots, baby courgettes, cherry tomatoes, baby bell peppers (capsicum), spring onions, peeled and quartered red onions, peeled whole cloves of garlic, olives, halved limes and some fresh sprigs of rosemary. To be honest, you could use any vegetables or herbs you like. My hubby just used what we had at home but he will often use other vegetables such as mushrooms and parsnip as well. He then covered the foil baking tray with a sheet of foil and roasted the vegetables until they were cooked.

We then had these for supper and they go perfectly with some fish or chicken. My hubby even eats them on their own as a meal, as he doesn’t eat chicken and isn’t a fan of fish.

The next day, I took some of the vegetables and heated them up in some olive oil in a frying pan but first I sliced some of the chunkier vegetables, like the potatoes and butternut squash. Whilst the vegetables were heating in the frying pan, I whisked an egg with some milk, turmeric (I add turmeric to almost everything these days as a way of upping my intake of anti-inflammatory foods) and a pinch of salt. I then added the egg mixture into the frying pan and finished with a little bit of grated cheese on top and voila I made an omelette come frittata that I had with some fresh avocado.
Finally, the third way we eat these roasted vegetables is by whizzing the cold left over vegetables in a blender and adding them to a pan with some vegetable stock, heat through and you have roasted vegetable soup.

So there you go, three meal ideas / ways of eating roasted vegetables and the best bit is that by bulk roasting you save not only time and energy but also on the gas bill too ;o)

What do you think to our way of eating more vegetables but reducing the time and effort spent in preparing and cooking them? Do you have any tips or ideas on how to incorporate more vegetables in to our diet with minimal effort? I’d love to hear your thoughts / ideas :o)

Love Sheen xxx

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