Sunday, 16 February 2014

Super Smooth Soft Skin

Good Day Everyone,

A couple of months ago I was re-organising the toiletries cupboard in our en-suite bathroom when a sudden wave of shame overtook me. I had just come across something that I had bought more than three years ago and never actually used, like not even once! All of a sudden I felt sooo guilty for wasting money on something I hadn’t used and whilst I (mentally) scolded myself I took the item out of the cupboard and placed it beside my sink so that it was there right in front of me and I would have no reason not use it.

The item I’m talking about is my round body brush from The Body Shop. I had bought this brush a few days after I'd been chatting to a guy (yes a guy) about dry skin brushing. I was feeling Bridgette Jones style motivated about how I was going to improve the condition of my skin and made the purchase on a whim. Whilst I hadn’t used the brush, it did make the trip from England over to Singapore. As one of my new year’s goals is to focus more on skin care this year, what better reason and timing could there have been for my discovery, and not to mention my shame and guilt ;o)
Since the New Year I have been using this brush three / four times a week on dry skin before showering and I am amazed at the results! The first couple of times I used this brush it felt a little harsh on my skin but now that I’ve gotten used to it, it doesn’t feel harsh or uncomfortable in any way. Plus it’s down to me as to how much pressure I apply when using the brush. I use long sweeping strokes, starting from my feet and work my way towards my heart. I’ll use circular motions over my knees and on my thighs. I tend to focus primarily on my legs, arms, hips and bum. I don’t use this brush on my chest (or on any psoriasis patches) as that skin is very delicate but I do use gentle strokes on my stomach area. 

Immediately after I’ve used this brush my skin feels sort of invigorated and alive. The way I look at it is that dry skin brushing is like exercise for my skin – it gets stimulated and leaves me feeling energised. After I’ve showered I use a nice smelling body butter or lotion to hydrate my skin. Currently I have The Body Shop cocoa body butter in use which leaves a deliciously sweet but not too sweet scent that lingers for hours. The days that I dry brush my skin I tend to use a shower gel whereas the days that I don’t dry brush my skin, I tend to use a body scrub so that my skin is being exfoliated one way or another.

In just a few weeks my skin is the smoothest and softest it’s ever been with a bit of a natural glow. Even my hubby has noticed the difference ;o) I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in the slight dimples that I had on the backs of my thighs and the skin definitely looks and feels firmer there. Dry skin brushing has great internal, as well as external, benefits;
  •  It is great for exfoliating the skin and removing dead skin cells.
  • It helps to firm up the skin and improve the look and feel of it.
  • It massages the skin and stimulates acupressure points, improving overall well being.
  • It improves lymphatic drainage eliminating toxins, and boosts blood circulation.

Given how much time I often spend looking after the skin on my hands and face, it's only right that I look after the skin on my body. It is after all the largest and most exposed organ that also detoxifies - playing a vital role in keeping me healthy.

Are you a fan of dry skin brushing? How do you look after the skin on your body?

Love Sheen xxx

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