Friday, 28 February 2014

A Bag For Arthur

Good Day Everyone,

Happy Friday! 

Like most girls, I have more than a few handbags / purses but ever since Arthur (aka arthritis) decided to set up camp in both my shoulder joints and collar bones I’ve found that most of the handbags I own are simply too heavy for my joints… and that’s when they’re empty!!! The bags weigh my shoulder joint down causing severe pain, aches, built up tension that tenses up my right shoulder (I’m right handed / sided with everything). The final result is that I end up looking lopsided as my right shoulder is up by my ear whilst my left is more relaxed and not hunched up – not a pretty look let me assure you!

For a few months now, I’ve been looking for a new everyday bag, something lightweight, versatile in how I can carry it, goes with most of my clothes and looks good without making me look lopsided. After many a day spent perusing the shops of Singapore, when I’d all but given up and was starting to come to terms with the fact that a cloth tote / beach bag maybe my only viable option, I randomly came across this little beauty!
I found this in the sale section of an Accessorize store that I had already been to, twice, and not seen this on either of those occasions! Arthur simply loves this bag, as do I. I like that it has a long strap so as well as carrying it on my right shoulder (I cannot wear bags on my left shoulder as it feels unnatural and they just fall off), I can also wear it cross body over both shoulders as it’s not going to fall of my left shoulder that way. This means that if one shoulder starts to get tired and weighed down I can swap the weight on to the other shoulder. The strap is removable which means that I can carry the bag in my hand or under my arm like a clutch too – love the versatility. The bag itself is incredibly lightweight :o)

I like that the gold chain is just at the bottom part of the strap, which is adjustable lengthwise, as chains can often be heavy and it reduces the blingy-ness of the bag making it daytime appropriate. The gold zip and the two gold triangles on the bottom of the bag just add a nice little touch and stop it from simply being a boring plain black bag.

Now at the risk of sounding like my mother (it happens to the best of us lol), the outside of the bag is easy to keep clean as it can be wiped down with a damp cloth and I like that the bag is not just one main compartment inside, which can often be the case with small bags. There is a zipped pocket, almost as wide as the bag itself, in the lining which is great to keep small things, such as keys, safe and separate from everything else.
All of the above is great but the real pièce de résistance with this bag is that it’s actually two bags! Yep you heard (read) me… two bags that can be used as one… or two. On the other side of the black bag is the same bag but in blue that hooks into the strap and buttons onto the black bag itself. The end result is two bags joined together to make one where one side of the bag is black and the other is blue. It’s kind of like handbag Lego, I can pull it apart to have two pieces or join them together to make one! How cool is that?!

The bag is very lightweight, even when the two are attached which is great for my shoulders. So depending on how much stuff I have to take with me when I go out and what I’m wearing, I either take the blue or the black or both together, with or without the strap. Day to day, I tend to take the bag as a single (rather than twin) as it is large enough to fit my essentials like wallet, phone, keys, mirror etc. On occasions where I’m going to be out longer or simply want to take more with me then I take it out as a twin, and will wear the black or the blue as the visible / outer side of the bag, depending on the colour of my outfit.
Given the versatility of this bag I know that I will get sooo much use out of it and best of all Arthur’s happy which means less pain for me which makes me happy... as well as the fact that this bag was 50% off :o) Have you found any good bag buys lately?

Love Sheen xxx

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  1. I have to downsize my everyday bag too... I can't imagine how bad your shoulder must feel with arthritis barbecue my shoulder has been really sore from carrying a bag on a health shoulder. This bag looks fab! Love that it actually is a 2 in 1! x

    alex @

  2. That bag looks fab! It does look lightweight, but super stylish too. Accessorize never disappoint! I like the fact that there's the blue detachable one.

    Also, if you have a look at Disaster Designs brand, they have gorgeous bags which aren't too heavy either. I have a few satchels from them which I love. Xxx

  3. Hi Alex, the bag is fab and really light weight and I love that I can wear it cross body so that my right shoulder gets a break. I told my hubby that it's like getting 2 for the price of 1... I'm not sure he believed that though ;o) Love Sheen xxx

  4. Hi Ayesha, Accessorize is great and I'm so pleased they have stores in Singapore. Thank you for the recommendation, I'll definitely check it out :o) Love Sheen xxx


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