Thursday, 6 February 2014

Slowly Slowly

Good Day Everyone,

Just one more day to go until the weekend! Woohoo!

Technology has never been a strong point of mine but since starting this blog I've realised that I do need to join the rest of the world and move into the 21st century of technological communication. So slowly slowly I have been getting myself out there.

Not long ago I spent some time tearing my hair out as I figured out how to add social media icons on to this blog. I'm glad I persevered because the sense of achievement I felt was amazing... kind of like the old days when I was a career girl and would win a big project or make a big saving by negotiating with suppliers... Oh how I miss those days.

I'm digressing. OK coming back to this post, today I got myself on Instagram. I've seen various friends post photos on Facebook for a long time now that have been edited / taken / shared via Instagram and always aaah-ed and oooh-ed as to how pretty they looked. Well now I've joined that club.

As you will see from the icons to the right of this blog post (when looking at it on desktop / web view) I have added this Instagram camera icon so go ahead and take a peak :o) Or you can click here. There will be plenty more to come because I can now make the photos I take on my iphone look half decent. This means I don't need to use my grown-up i.e. heavy camera all the time.
Let me know if you're on Instagram too as I'll be spending lots of time peeking around this colourful bit of technology :o)

Love Sheen xxx

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  1. Good For You ;) & Great Blog!


    1. Thank you Rebecca :o) Your photos are amazing by the way! I'm really starting to get into the photography part of blogging now that I've opened myself to all this great technology ;o) Love Sheen xxx

    2. Well, Thank You! That great, capturing your own pictures and sharing them :)


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