The Grown Up Stuff!

Good Day Gorgeous Glisteners,

So here's a bit of grown up business we should get out of the way.


  • All the views and opinions that feature on this blog are my own and have not been influenced by any third party – they are simply my thoughts based upon my experiences.
  • I am in no way qualified, be it as a makeup artist or medical professional. I am, however, qualified as a woman, wife and consumer and it's with these three hats on that I write this blog. 
  • As we are all different, our bodies, minds and hearts react differently to the same things so please bear in mind that what works for me / I like may not work for you / you may not like, and vice versa.


  • All the products / experiences that I review on this blog are paid for by me / my hubby / my family and friends. Should that ever not be the case, then I will clearly state this on the relevant blog post because no body likes to be fooled / tricked, including myself.
  • If you work in PR and would like to save me some pennies then do drop me an email but only if you are brave enough to handle the truth ;o)


  • I'm sure most of us don't like strangers knocking on our doors, so rest assured that I never pass on anybody's contact details / personal information without gaining their permission first.
  • Any conversations / emails between you and I will remain between you and I.


  • All the pretty pictures and words on this blog are created by me, unless otherwise stated. 
  • If you would like to use any of my pictures or content then please contact me via email to obtain my permission (it's rude to take without asking) and I'm sure I'll be happy to give my consent. Any unauthorised use will be followed up.
  • Likewise, if you think I have used something of yours without asking / referencing appropriately then please contact me via email. My manners tend to be pretty good on the whole, but in case there's a lapse, I'm sure we can sort it out between us :o)

There, now that's all out of the way, let's get back to hanging out together :o)

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