Who Am I?

  • I'm an ex-career girl who used to work very long hours, travelling by plane, train and automobiles to talk to people from all walks of life, staying in some lovely hotels along the way.
  • Then out of the blue a stranger knocked on my door and invited itself to host one of those crazy all night raves inside my body, and the partying has continued ever since, all day and all night, like a crazy summer in Ibiza... that never ends!
  • This stranger is called 'arthritis' and has refused to leave! So, it looks like I'm stuck with this unwanted house guest and for the last 5 years we've been trying to find a way to get along.
  • Having come to the realisation (at last) that my life will never be the same again, I've been trying to figure out where in life Arthur (aka arthritis) and I can go. How do we get there? How long will the journey take? Where is 'there'? What's our destination? We do not have the answers to these questions, but if we are going on this long journey together then we need to find something to do along the way, something to entertain us and keep us occupied.
  • And that's where this blog comes in. It's where YOU come in. Whenever you go on a long journey, you meet people along the way. Some will be with you for a part of the journey and some will be going to the same place as you, but you just don't know it! So, why not come along for the ride? You can stay for the duration or get off wherever / whenever you like :o)
  • All my life, the one thing that has always made me super happy is colour. Colour in life - in all aspects of life. I love pretty, colourful things, be it in nature, food, people, beauty, anything and everything! Given that Arthur can often make me unhappy, moody and miserable (he's a painful little bugger!), I've decided to use this blog and colour to make myself happy... and hopefully a few of you :o)
  • I have a head full of ideas of what I want to do / write about and document on this blog, but unfortunately Arthur slows me down (sometimes to a complete halt... temporarily) so I'm afraid you are going to have to bear with me, but rest assured that Arthur and I are in this for the long haul.
Love Sheen (and Arthur) xxx

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