Sunday, 9 February 2014

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

Good Day Everyone,

Not so long ago I somehow managed to lose my eyelash curlers and so as part of my birthday presents last month my hubby bought me a new set. When it came to deciding which eyelash curler to get, I did a lot of research online and saw that the Shu Uemura one had many positive reviews. So of I wandered to the Shu Uemura store one Saturday with my hubby. Whilst there, I had a play with the new S curler as well as checking out the regular eyelash curler. From the online reviews, the S curler seems to be a Marmite type thing where some people love it and others not so much.
Whilst the S curler in theory sounds great, a smaller, more universal, curler that allows you to get the tiny lashes at the inner corners and really get close to the roots, in practical terms I wasn’t all that impressed. Being a much smaller curler, it would take at least three curls to do the lashes on each eye. That’s just way too much work for a task that should take just a few seconds. Add on to that that some people curl their lashes three times with a regular curler; once at the root, once halfway down and once towards the tip, to ensure they get a nice curl rather than a crimp. That means to do one eye with the S curler, you’d have to curl nine times – three times across the lashes and three times down the lashes – that’s just ridiculous. Now I know most people don’t curl their lashes three times every day to get that perfect curl, but you get what I mean? And so I opted for the regular Shu Uemura eyelash curler.

I’ve been using this curler for almost a month now and I have to say I love it… so so much! First of all the size of the curler fits my eyes perfectly. I’ve read comments online where some people find it a bit too small for their eyes and some people have commented that this curler was designed for the Asian eye which tends to be smaller. Now I don’t know if any of that is true but I do have small eyes and this fits my eyes really well. 

Secondly, the curler is very easy and comfortable to use. I’ve had no pinching incidences whatsoever and it hasn’t pulled any of my lashes. I can get all of my lashes into it right from the little ones on the inner corner to all of my outer lashes. I don’t have long (or thick) eyelashes and the curl produced by this curler really does wonders for opening up my eyes. Some days I don’t wear mascara at all, as I like to give my lashes a breather, but on those days I will still curl my lashes and even without mascara the curl makes such a difference to my eyes. Finally, the silicone pad in the curler is rounded which means I get a beautiful elongated curl rather than a harsh crimp. 
What a difference a curl makes (without mascara)
The curler comes with a second silicone rubber pad replacement. According to Shu Uemura, with daily use one silicone pad will last approximately three months. Now as far as I’m aware you can’t buy the silicone replacement pads on their own. This means (and it also says this on the box) that you are supposed to purchase a new curler every six months. To me, that’s just ridiculous! Why would I need to buy a new curler? I don’t see why or how the metal part of the curler would get damaged or worn so quickly. Plus, I don’t know anyone that buys a new curler every six months. To me, it just sounds like a money making tactic as these curlers are not exactly cheap ($30 SGD / approx. £15). Also, I expect the silicone pad to last longer than three months. Curling my eyelashes takes a matter of seconds so even with daily use I can’t imagine the silicone pad wearing down that quickly.

Aside from that little irritation, I have really been enjoying using these curlers and hope they last me at least the year before I need to replace them. Have you tried the ShuUemura curlers? What was your experience? Which are your favourite eyelash curlers?

Love Sheen xxx 

Singapore: You can get this curler from the Shu Uemura stores.
UK: You can get this curler from Space.N.K. 
US: You can get this curler from the Shu Uemura US website.

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  1. Such a great review! Oh my goodness 9 times?! that would be so much effort!!! :o Good choice with the regular ones haha. I have some eyeko ones which came with a beauty box in December, and I do like them but I'm so lazy when it comes to anything eyelash related D:
    these make such an impressive difference though, glad to see they actually live up to their hype ^_^
    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe

  2. I love my Shu Uemura curlers. They make such a difference! If I'm not wearing any makeup I would still just curl my lashes to make myself look a bit more awake :)

    alex @

  3. Hi Iqra, these definitely do live up to the hype :o) I'd recommend them for sure. The S curler was way too much effort though ;o)

  4. Hi Alex, I totally agree. Curling my lashes makes such a huge difference to my eyes, even on days where I don't wear eye makeup or mascara. Great blog by the way. I'm enjoying making my way through it :o) Love Sheen xxx


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