Monday, 13 January 2014

Going Gold Class

Good Day Everyone,

What better way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon than to go for the ultimate movie experience. That’s right, we finally did it, and we went Gold Class. Going Gold Class at the cinema in Singapore is like the equivalent of going business class on a plane. (I'm not sure what the equivalent is back home in England as I've not been to the cinema for ages but I'm sure something similar does exist). As well as lounge access, you also get greater leg room, more comfortable seats that recline almost flat bed style, a more extensive food and drink menu, waiter service, a blanket to protect you from the ridiculously cold air conditioning, no screaming kids (yep that does happen in cinemas) and that feeling of being pampered, and yes you guessed it… all at a premium price tag! 
Tickets come in a Gold Class envelope
Gold Class lounge
My hubby and I went to see the new Hobbit movie Gold Class and I have to say the whole experience was utterly brilliant. We arrived at the Golden Village Katong cinema 20mins before the movie started. As we entered the Gold Class lounge we were greeted by a friendly member of staff who checked our tickets and showed us into the lounge. The lounge is elegantly decorated with lovely plush fabric seats, lanterns dangling from the ceiling and a bar at the far end. It was really nice to be able to relax in the lounge whilst perusing the food and drink menu, as well as the available magazines. 
Entrance to the two screening rooms
This particular cinema had two screens within Gold Class and whilst waiting for the movie to start we were able to wander into the empty screening room and checkout the seats and layout. In the room there were just 24 seats arranged in pairs across four rows. The rebels that we are (not ;o)) we had reserved the middle two seats on the back row. There was a blanket on the head rest of each seat and a table with a call button in between the seats. The red velvet type fabric seats were spacious and incredibly comfortable with wide arm rests. At the inner side of each seat were the reclining buttons where you could recline the seat and raise the leg rest so it became almost horizontal.

Shortly before the movie was about to start we were informed that we could go into the screening room and make ourselves comfortable and that out food and drink would be served to us. The food came right on cue just as the commercials were starting. My hubby had a pot of tea, whilst I had a hot chocolate and we got a portion of fries and some focaccia which was served with hummus and olive tapenade (as you can tell I took a break from my health eating on this particular afternoon). The fries were a huge portion and came with ketchup and mayonnaise. The focaccia was served warm and the hummus was very tasty. The only criticism of the food that I would have is that the olive tapenade was just too oily for my liking but other than that we were happy with the food and drink. Half way during the movie my hubby pressed the call button on our table and a waiter appeared to take his order for a cup of coffee. We spent $47 SGD (approx. £24) for our three drinks and the fries and focaccia which we didn’t think was too bad as naturally you do expect to pay a bit of a premium given the environment. As the movie ended and I got up from my seat I realised that my arthritic joints were not as stiff as they typically would be considering that I’d just been sat down for the best part of three hours – that’s a real testament as to just how comfortable the seats were :o)
As we went at peak time tickets were $39 SGD (approx. £20) per person but I think you can get them for $29 SGD (approx. £15) if you go during the week at non-peak times. Luckily we didn’t pay for our tickets. We had saved up the points on one of our credit cards which we could then cash in for vouchers for various treats and we chose Gold Class cinema tickets. The whole Gold Class experience was a really great and now that we’ve had a taste of it I’m sure this won’t be the last time that we go Gold Class. Whilst it is a bit on the expensive side, we think it is worth it as a special treat, especially for a particularly long movie such as the Hobbit.
Have you ever been Gold Class? What was your experience? Do you think it’s worth paying the extra?

Love Sheen xxx
P.S. sorry about the poor image quality. These photos were taken on my iphone and not my grown up camera.

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