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Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters #2 More Colours

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If you've read my previous post on the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters then you’ll know that I’m not really a lipstick person, in fact I’m a lipstick scary cat if I’m honest, so you’ll never catch me with a bold bright opaque lip, nope, not ever! However, that does not mean that I don’t like a bit of colour on my lips because I do and I absolutely love the Revlon Lip Butters. They’re moisturising, balmy, buildable in colour, have a gloss like shine that’s not sticky, smell nice, and wear off evenly leaving a bit of a stain. To me, they offer the best bits of all the different types of lip products out there!
Wild Watermelon and Berry Smoothie
I already have the colours Peach Parfait, Macaroon and Candy Apple, and recently I picked up Wild Watermelon and Berry Smoothie . And no before you say it, I haven’t broken my buying no makeup for six months ban. I actually picked these up last month. In fact, I bought quite a bit of makeup last year that I’m still working my way through trialling so perhaps this six month ban won’t be as painful as what I initially thought it might be ;o).
Wild Watermelon and Berry Smoothie
Berry Smoothie is a gorgeous warm pink shade with a subtle hint of purple on my lips. It is an ideal fall/autumn winter shade for someone like me who’s not a big fan of the bold berry coloured lips that tend to make an appearance during the colder months. I wore this particular colour quite a bit when I was visiting home last month. Berry Smoothie isn’t completely matte, like Candy Apple. It’s more like Macaroon in that it has some teeny tiny shimmery flecks running through it but they’re not as obvious as the flecks in Peach Parfait which I can actually feel on my lips.
Wild Watermelon sheer then built up. Berry Smoothie built up then sheer
Wild Watermelon is a gorgeous bright pinky red. Whilst in my photos it looks more pinky red, on my lips it is definitely a bit more on the corally side. That difference in colour, between the photo swatches on my forearm and how the colour looks on my lips, will be down to the effect of my lips natural colour. Hence why the same lip colour can look very different on different people as we all have a different natural lip colour that interferes with the lip product’s colour.

Wild Watermelon is like Candy Apple in that it has no shimmer in it what so ever but at the same time I wouldn’t say these two colours are completely matte as they do leave a bit of a sheen on the lips. Wild Watermelon has a similar effect on my complexion as Candy Apple, in that as soon as I apply this colour, it immediately lifts and brightens my face. It makes my brown eyes appear browner and makes my black eyelashes look more intense, almost as if I’m wearing mascara (when I’m not). There’s just something about this shade and Candy Apple that just makes my face come alive - do you get what I mean? Some colours just naturally lift your complexion and for me that’s anything that is a red-y corally colour. When I wear Wild Watermelon I don’t need to wear much else other than a slick of eyeliner and a bit of mascara and I’m good to go.

I've talked about the packaging in my previous post but this time I did twist up the Wild Watermelon Lip Butter all the way to the top just to see exactly how much product you actually get and as you can see from the photo, it's not a lot. However, I personally still think these are good value for money given how much I love the texture, finish, and application. 

I picked up both Berry Smoothie and Wild Watermelon at the airport in Singapore when heading home last month and got both colours for just $18 SGD (approx. £9) which is cheaper than buying them in England. Whilst back home though a few other colours caught my eye, in particular Juicy Papaya but I restrained myself. Five Lip Butters is quite enough for now plus I’m determined to adhere to my six month no makeup purchasing ban… even if it’s just to prove my hubby wrong ;o)

Have you tried any of the Lip Butters? What are your favourite colours?
Love Sheen xxx

My verdict: 5/5
For UK: Website 
For Singapore you can find this product at Watson and Guardian stores
(Note: I bought these products with my own money)

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