Saturday, 18 January 2014

Glistening Sheen Gets Bloglovin'

Good Day Everyone,

Do you notice anything different about me today? 
Go on, take a closer look? Do you see it? Do you? 
Shall I give you a little clue? 
Follow the arrow and look to the right but make sure you're viewing the web / desktop version and not mobile. What do you see? 
Yep that's right I gave myself a bit of a makeover yesterday. How do I look? Good, I hope :o)
Now I know I'm really late getting on this band wagon but I finally got Glistening Sheen onto Bloglovin'. For those of you like me, who tend not be at the forefront when it comes to social media, Bloglovin' is a site which allows you to keep up to date with all of the different blogs that you read, all in one place. Instead of having to go to each blog's website for the latest blog posts you can just log in to your Bloglovin' account where you will get the latest blog posts from all of the blogs you like to read.

You do this by setting up your own Bloglovin' account and adding all the blogs that you would like to follow. The great thing about Bloglovin' is that you do not have to be a blogger / have your own blog, in order to have a Bloglovin' account. So for those of you that don't blog but do like to read other people's blogs, you can now collate them all into one place, making it much more convenient and easier for you to stay up to date with your favourite bloggers.

For those of you that do have your own blog, you can set up a Bloglovin' account and claim your own blog on it. So as well as following others, people can follow your blog too, via Bloglovin'.

Setting up an account is surprisingly simple and takes just a few moments. Claiming your own blog doesn't take much longer either and if I can do it then anybody can! Just click on this link and follow the instructions :o)

So as well as setting up Glistening Sheen on to Bloglovin', I have also included a follow me on Bloglovin' icon to the right of my blog. This way you can just click on the icon and it'll open up a new page where you can follow me on Bloglovin'. Go on give it a try - you'd make my day :o)

Getting A Bloglovin' Icon On Your Blog:

Because sharing is caring I'm going to tell you how to get this icon so you can add it to your blog too :o)
  1. Once you have set up your Bloglovin' account and claimed your blog, click on the white heart in the blue circle on the top right to bring up a drop down menu and click on Bloglovin' button
  2. This takes you to a page where there is a selection of Bloglovin' icons for you to choose from. Click on get this icon! beneath the icon that you want to add to your blog. 
  3. This generates a code in a box and you need to copy this code. It will say that this code is generated for - the name of your blog. So in my case it said that this code is generated for Glistening Sheen. 
  4. Once you've copied the code, log in to your blogger account and click on the layout tab on the left to bring up your blog layout template.
  5. Click on add a gadget.
  6. From the menu that's brought up, click on the + next to HTML/JavaScript.
  7. Paste the code you copied from Bloglovin' into the content box.
  8. Click save at the bottom.
  9. Now click save arrangement on the top right and voila you should have the Bloglovin' icon on your blog now.
 I hope this was helpful to you and made it a little easier for you, than it was for me. Do let me know if you have any questions and I'll do my best to help / answer them although I'm no techy ;o)

Love Sheen xxx

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