Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Stipple & Save

Good Day Everyone,

Now I’m the kind of girl, when given the choice, would prefer to spend money buying new makeup rather than makeup tools and brushes. My collection of brushes is quite limited, however, amongst them is a real gem, my Real Techniques stippling brush. For those of you who don’t know, Real Technqiues brushes are the brainchild of makeup artist Samantha Chapman, who is one half of the Pixiwoo sisters (beauty bloggers). 

I absolutely love love love this brush! Prior to this brush I used to apply my foundation with either my fingers or a traditional foundation brush, you know the kind that looks like a paint brush (FYI I always use liquid, cream or mousse foundations, never powder as I have normal to dry skin). Whilst both of these methods produced satisfactory results the RT stippling brush produces outstanding results! Yes that’s right outstanding, I’m talking A* kind of results. 
Now don’t get me wrong if you’re happy using your fingers or a traditional foundation brush then that’s great for you but I always found that the traditional foundation brush would often leave streaks on my face which I would then have to smooth out with my fingers. When using my fingers alone, I always felt under pressure to apply the foundation quickly so that it could all be blended before it dried which took the pleasure out of the process and left me with foundation stained fingers. 

One of the great benefits of the RT stippling brush is that I find myself using less foundation and getting a much better result. This duo fibre brush has the softest synthetic taklon bristles and is cruelty free :o) I use the brush by gently tapping it into a bit of foundation on the back of my hand. This way the longer bristles pick the foundation up but not the shorter ones yet all the bristles work together to cover my skin with a light and even layer of foundation. I use stippling motions, sometimes mixed with a bit of buffing, to apply my foundation, resulting in an incredibly flawless and even coverage that has an air brushed like finish without looking cakey.

The size of the brush (the bristle part) is smaller than many stippling brushes which some people may not like as it will take longer to apply your foundation, but I actually like this because it’s easier to work around the natural contours of the face like the nose and under the eyes. The other benefit to having a small brush is that it can be multi-purpose. I actually use my stippling brush to apply my cream blush, bronzer and even highlighter. That’s 4 uses out of just one brush – how fantastic is that?! Saving me money and time plus fewer brushes to clean and store

This brush applies cream blush like a dream. It creates a diffused, air brushed look where the edges of the blush just fade and blend seamlessly into my skin/foundation with no harsh edges. I love this look and can never quite manage to achieve this effect when using my fingers. This brush can also be used to apply powder products, however, I don’t like to use it in this way as I feel the ‘spikey’ effect of the bristles causes the powder to go on a bit patchy and requires me to concentrate a bit more on blending. I just get a much better effect by using a powder specific brush. I mean let’s be realistic I can’t expect this one brush to do ‘everything’ just ‘lots’ of things ;o)

The brush has a relatively thick, yet lightweight, aluminium handle which is pink with a wider black end that has a flat top. Not great if you like to store your brushes in a jar/mug but I  find this very useful as the brush can stand upright on a dresser/vanity table. The name of the brush is printed in a darker pink shade on the pink handle. I have been using my brush for several months now and I have had no shedding whatsoever. The brush is really easy to clean, dries quickly and has not lost its shape at all.

This little gem is one of my most favourite brushes. It allows me to use less product but achieve the ‘high definition, pixel perfect’ results thus making my products last longer and saving me money along the way. In fact, I was sooo impressed by this brush that a week later I went and bought a second one, just in case the first one ever got lost. Now that’s a real testament as to how great this brush really is!

Have you used this brush? What at your thoughts? Do you have a 'gem' of a makeup brush? If so, do share as to which one it is :o)

Love Sheen xxx

My verdict: 5/5 
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UK website click here
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(Note: I purchased these brushes with my own money)

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