Sunday, 27 October 2013

Lounging In Lombok

Good Day Everyone,

Over the weekend, my hubby and I were talking about all the trips we've taken since we moved to Singapore and all the great places we've seen. When it came to picking our favourite trip thus far, there was no contest really - there could only be one winner and that was our trip to Lombok Island (Indonesia) this time last year. It was simply the most relaxing holiday we'd ever had. We'd made the decision not to rush around taking in all the sights, like we would typically do, but to instead just take it easy, recharge our batteries and simply spend some quality time together. 

We took a flight to Bali before getting the boat across to Lombok Island for three nights and then had planned to take another boat to one of the Gili Islands for three more nights.

In Lombok we stayed at a resort called Jeeva Klui (website) and it was a-mazing! Like truly amazing and idyllic and one of THE best places we’ve ever stayed in. It is a small resort of about 35 suites and villas situated right on the beach. It was west facing and so we had beautiful sunset views whilst having our dinner each night. The rooms were very spacious, beautifully built and decorated using local building styles and materials such as bamboo, stone, wood, and terracotta tiles. The rooms we stayed in had a verandah with huge seating areas (great for an afternoon nap) and an outdoor shower! I say ‘rooms’ because after 3 nights we made the decision to stay for another 3 nights rather than going onto one of the Gili Islands. We were having such an awesome time and the place was so relaxing that we didn’t want to risk going to one of the Gili Islands and then not liking it as we’d be kicking ourselves for not staying put at Jeeva Klui. Sometimes you just need to realise when you have it really good! Luckily the resort had one room left for the next 3 nights, not the one we were staying in, so we moved to a room facing the beach with an unobstructed view of the sea, even from the bed!


The resort had an extensive DVD library and DVD players in the rooms so I finally got to watch ‘Breakfast at Tiffany's' plus they had a large lounge open to guests that housed various board games, books, computer with internet access and huge comfy sofas. The outdoor grounds had a pool, sun loungers, beach access, beautiful lush gardens and a spa. The service was faultless and the staff were incredibly friendly and efficient.

Relative to Bali, Lombok is very under developed and rural. We definitely preferred it to the parts of Bali we’ve been to as we like the peace and quiet and just being surrounded by nature. We went into the local town a couple of times for a wander and it was very quiet and almost felt a little deserted. Our six days consisted of eating (the food was delicious with a good mix of local and international cuisine), sleeping, watching DVDs, playing scrabble, having spa treatments, watching the sunset and listening to music as we chilled in these sun lounger huts overlooking the beach. 

We left Jeeva Klui and Lombok feeling totally relaxed and de-stressed with some amazing memories. It’s the kind of place I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to friends and families looking for some tranquil relaxation time.
Have you ever been to Lombok? What did you think? Where did you stay? Have you been to anywhere else in Indonesia that was really amazing? If so, do let us know as we are always grateful for any recommendations.
Love Sheen xxx
My verdict for both Lombok and Jeeva Klui: 5/5

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