Thursday, 17 October 2013

DIY Wedding: Wedding Favours

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Wedding favours are a lovely gesture from the wedding couple to show guests their appreciation and we certainly wanted to show our guests how much we appreciated them joining us to celebrate our special day, given that ours was a mid-week wedding.
When it came to deciding what to have as our wedding favours, for me, it was easy – I love sugared almonds. I love the soft pastel colours, the tradition that they represent (click here to find out why sugared almonds are used as favours) and quite simply they are timeless and elegant – at least that’s what I think. However, my hubby does not like them, which is quite surprising given that they contain his one addiction... sugar!

So we spent quite a bit of time discussing alternatives. Nowadays, the type of wedding favours and choices one has is quite frankly, mind-boggling! There’s sooo much choice, from key rings, photo frames, candles, sweets to handmade soaps, charity donations, scratch cards... (yes I said scratch cards), homemade jam and anything else you can think of!

For us, we wanted something personal and meaningful (now that sugared almonds were out of the picture) and something that would evoke a response from our guests be it laughter, nostalgia or surprise. Given that my hubby and I are quite nostalgic people and often reminisce we went down the nostalgic route and decided to have ‘sweets from our childhood’ as our wedding favours.
There were a lot of other sweets that we could have included such as cola bottles, fried egg, wine gums etc but as quite a few of our guests were vegetarians we excluded the jelly sweets (due to them containing gelatine). We opted to put the sweets into a sheer golden organza bag rather than a box as the bag allowed the colours of the sweets to pop through which looked really pretty against the white linen and place settings on the tables. The great thing about the favours was that it was something we could do ourselves and we had a lot of fun putting them together, although I had to ensure we had more than we needed given that they kept disappearing ;o)
At the wedding reception, it was wonderful listening to our guests opening the organza bags and filling the room with laughter and comments like, “OMG I used to love these”, “I’d forgotten how good these tasted”, “Do you remember these? I used to love these as a kid”. It was a real trip down memory lane which made us feel all warm and fuzzy..aaawww.
wasn't so sure about the choc flavoured limes as I don’t remember them at all but my hubby assures me they were his favourite... perhaps they were before my time given that my hubby is a few years older than me ;o) As you can see I even managed to sneak in a sugared almond :o)
Can you guess what all the sweets are? Which are your favourite sweets from your childhood?

Love Sheen xxx

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