Thursday, 24 October 2013

Feeling Bleurgh And Photos From Home

Good Day Everyone,

Yesterday I went for a Thai massage as I've really been struggling with the arthritis in my spine lately. I had so many knots and so much tension built up in my shoulders that they really did look as though they were carrying the weight of the world on them. It was not a relaxing experience but it was a very functional experience! I spent the hour clenching my teeth, trying really hard not to scream out in pain as the stubborn knots were massaged out of my aching arthritic body. Afterwards I felt like I’d just done ten rounds with Mike Tyson but I also felt an amazing release, so much so that it was really hard not to fall asleep on the bus home!

Today, even though my joints and I feel better, I am struggling with my shoulder joints which are radiating pain down my arm and into my hands and fingers. As a result I’m struggling with typing today and just generally feeling a bit bleurgh, very tired and a bit homesick and missing my friends. Believe it or not after almost 2.5 years in Singapore I still get bouts of homesickness. To cheer myself up a bit I was looking through photos of our recent trip home to England and thought I’d share a few of them with you (plus it means I don’t have to type so much but I'm sure you gorgeous glisteners won't mind :o).

Luckily, as my hubby and I are going away tomorrow for the weekend, I have planned Sunday’s post in advance and trust me when I say it’s good one. Hopefully, I’ll feel better after a weekend of relaxation and some quality time with hubby and I’ll be back on track next week :o)

Have a lovely weekend all.
Love Sheen xxx

The world's first iron bridge in Ironbridge, Shropshire
View from the iron bridge
Love these types of signs
Flowers always make me smile
Rosemary and peach - a surprisingly delicious combination
You don't get canal boats in Singapore
View of cars down 23 floors through a glass panel in the floor
How many modes of transport can you spot?

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