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Sephora Collection Blush Me!

Good Day Everyone,

Whenever I have been in a Sephora store lately, I've been paying a bit more attention to Sephora’s own line of makeup, Sephora Collection. Typically in the past I have spent my time looking at the various makeup brands that I am most familiar with (Stila, Make Up For Ever, Smashbox, Dior etc) and ignored Sephora’s own line. This is because I’m the kind of person that tends to stick with makeup brands that I know and have had positive experiences with. Makeup isn't cheap, especially in Asia and I really dislike the idea of spending money on something which I then don’t use because either the colour wasn't quite right for my skin tone, or the product didn't have much staying power etc. Returning makeup products that just didn't work for you isn't really something you do in Singapore or the UK for that matter, unlike in the US which definitely leads the way in good customer service and returns policies (from my experience). 

On my last few visits to Sephora I have found myself drawn to the Sephora Collection blush me! blush in the colour Abricot No.11. That’s right Abricot (not apricot). The shimmery golden tones of this blush have been calling out to me for a while now and finally, I not only heard their call, but answered it by making my purchase :o)
Now Sephora describes this as;

 “What it is: Three shades of coordinated color for cheeks. What it is formulated to do: Highlights, contours, and adds radiance to your cheeks with a single swipe of the brush. Can also be used on eyes for a pop of vibrant, shimmering color.”

The blush is split into three colour strips of gold, rose gold and bronze. All three colours have a lovely shimmery (not glittery) effect. The packaging is very sleek and I love the see through lid as it makes it very easy to see the colours when rummaging through a box full of makeup products. There is no mirror which doesn't really bother me. I quickly realised that there is a knack to opening the lid, which once I mastered, made life a lot easier :o)
On my medium skin tone, this blush does not work well as a blush but I had kind of guessed this from the colour swatches I had done in store. The colour wash is too sheer and lacking in depth and just doesn't show on my yellow skin tone the way I would want a blush to show. If I try to build up the colour by layering I end up building the shimmery effect rather than the colour itself. Given the shimmer, I don't tend to use this blush to contour with as I prefer a matte contour product.
From left to right: gold, rose gold, bronze, swirl of all 3 colours
It is really difficult to pick up just one colour from this blush unless you use a highly tapered brush or an eye shadow brush. I find the colours work best when swirled together to create a beautiful warm toned highlighter, which I often pair with a peach or coral blush and this was my main reason for purchasing. The blush leaves a very pretty golden sheen on the cheek which glistens beautifully in the light – a glistening sheen, if you will - see what I did there? ;o)
A close up of the colours with several layers of product
In addition, all three colours make nice eye shadows whether used together to create a look or separately. I will use the gold colour as an inner corner highlighter and bring the colour in on the inner third of my eyelid. I then use the rose gold as my main eye shadow colour on my lid and use the bronze colour in the crease and outer third of my eye to create some depth. The result is a pretty, warm, autumnal look that goes perfectly with my brown eyes.

So whilst this blush is not a great blush, for me, it is a beautiful highlighter which was my reason for buying it and a lovely eye shadow trio and for that reason it makes my experience of Sephora Collection blush a positive one!

Have you tried any of the Sephora Collection products? Which have been your favourites?

Love Sheen xxx

My verdict:
As a blush 2/5
As a highlighter 4/5
As an eye shadow 3/5

For the UK: unfortunately there are no Spehora stores so it means buying online from the US
For the US: click here although I think this particular product has been discontinued
For Singapore you can find his product currently at Sephora for $24SGD

(Note: I purchased this product with my own money)

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