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Sephora Collection Contour Eye Pencils

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There are certain types of makeup products where I do tend to go high end, like concealers and foundations, because I like to be colour matched and have the opportunity to wear the product for the day to see how it wears before parting with mine/my hubby’s hard earned pennies. Also, I find the whole idea of trying to colour match myself at the drugstore way too stressful. The mirrors tend to be so small that combined with the artificial store lighting, I’m never confident that I’m picking the right shade.

However, there are other types of makeup products where I tend not to go high end, like eyeliners, mascaras, lip products, because a) I don’t need to be colour matched and therefore I’m confident to pick shades myself and b) because I honestly believe that you can get great quality products at much more palatable prices at the drugstore. Let me add a c) to that which is that for products in colours that I don’t tend to wear often I just don’t believe in spending lots of money. Coloured eye liners and mascaras are a great example of what I mean here.

I've recently started to delve into some of Sephora’s own branded products and I have to say I've been very impressed with these Sephora Collection Contour Eye Pencils that claim to be waterproof and provide 12hr wear. I recently picked up three colours;
  • Snakeskin dress – a beautiful olive / khaki green with gold flecks
  • Girls night out – a gorgeous gold shade
  • Blonde ambition – described as a ‘beige’ by Sephora but I’d say it’s more of a pearly cream

All three of the eye pencils are incredibly easy to use, have a slight shimmer (the olive colour has flecks of gold as well), glide on smoothly, are very soft so there’s no tugging on my eyelids and once on, they do not budge. Seriously the staying power of these is amazing! On me, they certainly do last for the 12hrs Sephora claims. How often do you get a makeup product that actually lasts for as long as it claims to?

I don’t find these particularly blendable as they set very quickly and so I have to move incredibly quickly if I do want to blend and typically I use my fingers for any blending action as I find the warmth of my fingers helps improve the blendability (I know it’s not a word but you get what I mean) of the pencils.

I don’t tend to wear these pencils on my waterline just because I don’t often wear anything on my waterline (unless I want to intensify a smokey eye look in which case I use a black kohl pencil). My favourite way of wearing these is on my eyelids, very close to the lash line in a thin but not too thin line, and/or below my lower lash line. I often use Blonde ambition as an inner corner highlighter and I've even used Girls night out in the same way when I've done a warm toned (e.g. brown) smokey eye.

I find Snakeskin dress works beautifully with my brown eyes and I wear this on my top and bottom lash line on the outer two thirds and for the inner third I use Girls night out which works to highlight the inner corners but also compliments the olive green colour perfectly.

These are not retractable pencils so there is some product wastage due to the sharpening but as these are relatively inexpensive this is something I can live with. Also, as these are very soft and creamy I do find it quite difficult to achieve a very thin and precise line but then again that’s what liquid eyeliners for! Even though the colour doesn't budge throughout the day, it does come off reasonably easily with eye makeup remover.

All in all I think there are around 35 colours so a huge selection and cost around $12 (SGD) and $9 in the US so relatively inexpensive (for Singapore) which means I can pick up a few other colours. So there we have it coloured eye liners that don't make my eyes water with their price ;o)

Have you tried these? What were your thoughts? Is there anything else from the Sephora line that has been impressive?

Love Sheen xxx

My verdict 5/5

For the UK: unfortunately there are no Sephora stores so it means buying online from the US
For the US: click here
For Singapore you can find this product at Sephora 

(Note: I purchased this product with my own money)

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