Monday, 3 March 2014

I'm So Excited!

Good Day Everyone,

I am sooo super excited right now because we are going to Japan!!! Woohoo!!! 

Ever since we moved to Singapore, Japan has been the one country that my hubby and I have both wanted to visit. I have always wanted to go either in spring to see the cherry blossoms or during autumn / fall to see the leaves change colour. Japan has always looked like a naturally beautiful country from whatever images / photos / videos I’ve seen and I love taking photos capturing the colours of nature. I cannot wait to get snapping with my camera :o). 
 My hubby has always wanted to go too and he did go towards the end of last year for a business trip but obviously didn’t have much free time. He is especially excited to go on the bullet train as he is a total engineering geek ;o)

Last year, we didn’t go any big holidays primarily because we had three trips back home to England which used up most of my hubby’s leave from work and were pretty expensive. We did have an extremely last minute weekend trip to Cambodia when the Singapore smog was at its peak just so that we could breathe some cleaner air!

This year we wanted to take a more focussed approach with our holidays and so over the Xmas break my hubby and I made a list of the places that we would like to visit in Asia and we both had Japan on the top of our lists. This is going to be our main holiday for 2014 and realistically this may well be our only visit to Japan, as there are lots of other places in Asia that we want to visit. 
We are going for 11 days… which is a long time for my hubby to take off work and my tasks for this week are to decide which two other cities we want to visit besides Tokyo, to get our hotels booked as cherry blossom season is very busy, and order our Japan rail passes. Then next week I can start working on some kind of itinerary of the places we want to visit in each city, how we get from one city to the next and booking any excursions / tickets for events / places etc and learning some basic Japanese phrases because we go in just a few weeks… but first I have to stop looking at all the amazing photos on Google images of the cherry blossoms ;o)

Have you ever been to Japan? If so, where would you recommend we go? What should we see? Where are you going for your 2014 holiday?

Love Sheen xxx

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  1. The picture sources you have shared are gorgeous, and I can see why you'd want to go see cherry blossom! I want to visit Japan too, or China, both look very cultural and exciting!

    Ayesha xxx


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