Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Instagram Images #1

Good Day Everyone,

To say technology is not my forte would be putting it mildly but since I started this blog I have learnt so much. Back in February I finally got myself on Instagram. Considering my love and passion colour it seemed almost for criminal that I hadn't got GlisteningSheen onto Instagram sooner.

Since then this amazing app has become a firm favourite of mine and one that I use almost daily. I know that not everyone who reads my blog (by the way thank you sooo much if you are one of them ;o)) follows me on InstagramTwitterFacebook page and so I thought I'd share a selection of the Instagram images I've taken to date.

Passion flower
Reminds me of Skips (UK crisps)
From our condo's garden
My first Dior lip product
A Sunday treat

Rocking pink & pearls

Carb free lunch
Love the reflection
Roast veg tray supper

Sunset in Lombok
Light art festival
Jeeva Klui resort in Lombok

The day this post goes up will be the day that my hubby and I will be flying to Japan to go see the cherry blossoms... a dream that I've had for many many years - I still can't believe that it's actually about to come true - I feel sooo incredibly blessed! To say that I'm just a bit over excited would be the most gigantic understatement ever!!! If you'd like to go on this journey with us and see all the amazing things that we do, then definitely check out my Instagram as I will be posting daily photos :o).

What's your favourite photo sharing / editing app? Is there anything better than Instagram out there?
Love Sheen xxx

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