Monday, 8 December 2014

Fall Photos

Good Day Everyone,

Being British I would of course say autumn, rather than fall, but autumn photos doesn't sound quite as good ;o) I mentioned in last Wednesday's blog post that I'll be doing some posts that are more photography and less text heavy so that I can give my arthritic fingers a rest. Here's the first one, sharing a few of my favourite fall photos from Japan. Enjoy :o)
So many people stop and admire these beautiful trees, but in this moment, she has them almost all to herself
I found these two lying on the ground, just like this, so contrasting yet so complimentary to one another
Looking up at Yokohama Marine Tower
A lone pigeon looking for food amongst the leaves
Early each morning these lovely men come to sweep up the fallen leaves, ready for the day ahead
An artist in action capturing a part of autumn/fall 
I love the reflection of the trees from across the road in the windows of this hotel
Yokohama Landmark Tower surrounded by the beautiful colours of autumn/fall
The green and red in this photo remind me of Christmas
I'm not the only one who loves to capture the colours of autumn/fall
I hope you enjoyed these photos of fall in Japan as much as I enjoyed taking them :o)

Love Sheen xxx

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