Friday, 12 December 2014

The Land Of The Rising Sun

Good Day Everyone,

Since moving to Japan, I've often wondered why it is referred to as 'the land of the rising sun'. Was it to do with the red circle on its white flag being a representation of the sun or was there some other reason? A quick search on Google revealed a number of possible explanations.

One explanation is that the Japanese characters which make up Japan's name mean 'sun origin'. Another explanation is that the ancient Japanese knew of China and other countries to it's west, but did not know of any islands or countries to it's east, and therefore thought that their land was the first to be awakened by the rising sun. Running along the same theme, another reason as to why Japan is referred to as the land of the rising sun is simply because it lies to the east of mainland Asia, and the sun rises from the east.

It was almost six weeks after we moved into our apartment, that I found out why for me, Japan is referred to as the land of the rising sun, and that is because of the most amazing sun rises I have ever seen. I could not believe that I had not seen these before given that we sleep with our curtains and blinds open, and our apartment faces east. When the sky is full of heavy, dense clouds the sun rise can easily be missed and that's what we'd had a lot of. However, on days like this particular one when there are gaps in the clouds, we get to see this! I took these four photos consecutively whilst watching the sun come up, and the colours are so amazing that these photos have not been edited in the slightest :o)

1. The sun is coming up, peaking from behind the clouds
2. Can you see the sun rays spreading out from above the sun?
3. The whole sky is basking in the most beautiful orange glow
4. And it's completely up
Waking up early is definitely worth it when I get to capture photos like these and sometimes I can actually see sun rays... I don't think I have ever seen rays before we moved to Japan. On a clear morning, with minimal clouds, I get to capture the sun like this!
I hope you enjoyed these photos and now, like me, get to appreciate why this amazing country is referred to as the land of the rising sun... a very apt reference, if you ask me ;o)

Have a good weekend all.
Love Sheen xxx
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