Monday, 4 May 2015

JVlog #17: The 63rd Yokohama International Costume Parade

Good Day Everyone,

We are currently in the midst of Golden Week here in Japan. Golden Week is when there are four national holidays within the space of a week. It is one of Japan's busiest holidays, as a result tourist attractions as well as public transport are incredibly crowded. If you're ever visiting Japan during Golden Week then it's worth bearing in mind that hotels in major cities get booked up very early and, as expected, prices tend to be higher.
During this national holiday there are lots of festivals and events taking place around the country. Here in Yokohama, we had The 63rd Yokohama International Costume Parade take place yesterday. The weather was truly glorious with bright blue skies, sunshine and a gentle breeze. Hubby and I headed out to Yamashita Park, the starting place of the parade. There were over 40 acts taking part in the parade, walking a route of almost three and a half kilometers.

You can watch the parade and the rest of our day in the video below :o).

We didn't spend too long outside as hubby has been quite unwell recently with severe back problems. In fact, he had to have two steroid injections in his back and hip the day before the parade. Anyone that's had them will know how incredibly painful steroid injections are. However, he was determined not to miss out on the great weather and seeing a Japanese parade ;o). The great thing about our apartment is that it overlooks Yokohama Bay and Rinko Park so whilst we called it a day fairly early, we could still hear the music and watch some of the activities from our balcony.

I hope you enjoyed this little vlog of a relaxed Sunday :o). What did you get up to on your Sunday?

Love Sheen xxx
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