Tuesday, 24 March 2015

JVlog #11: Js Pancakes & Demolition

Good Day Everyone,

I am so happy to finally be over my recent arthritic flare. This weekend was the first time in a very long time where I actually woke up feeling good. I seem to sleep really well (well for me, anyway) after my session with the Japanese therapist. 
Even though the weather wasn't great hubby and I headed out to one of our favourite pancake places for breakfast. As it was the Spring equinox weekend there were long queues, as often tends to be the case for food places on the weekend. But these pancakes were so amazing that they were definitely worth the wait, and a total treat for me. I have to be so careful with my sugar intake as sugar is the number one food irritant for my arthritis and it's something I have to avoid completely when I'm having a bad flare.

The weather is definitely turning more spring like. The pink magnolia trees have blossomed and look absolutely beautiful. It's making me excited for the cherry blossom festival. After breakfast we headed of to get hubby a hair cut and came across some serious demolition that is going on near where we live. We've not seen a lot of construction since we've been in Japan, which to be honest has been a welcomed change from Singapore, where we felt we were living on a building site for three of the three and a half years that we were there.
Poor hubby struggles to get a good hair cut in Japan, as you'll see from the below video.

After a mooch around the shops we came home as the weather was turning and although we had planned to go for dinner, I completely crashed and burned after five hours of being outside. Unfortunately, my arthritic body is only able to cope with just a few hours of activity each day before the exhaustion becomes too much for me. Nonetheless, it was wonderful just to be out and about again, and not be in as much pain as I have been recently.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too.
Love Sheen xxx

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