Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Feet Favourites

Good Day Everyone,

Today I wanted to talk about a few products that my feet have been loving lately. Since moving to Japan we walk a lot more than we used to in Singapore. In Singapore, there was a bus stop right outside our apartment block and the public transport system is all in English which made it very easy to just jump on the subway or the bus. In Japan it is extremely difficult to travel on the buses if you don't speak or read Japanese. Taxis are super expensive here. As a result, hubby and I walk almost everywhere. All this walking and the colder weather started to take a bit of a toll on my poor arthritic feet.
Feet are one part of my body that often get neglected when it comes to beauty and skincare. With all the walking, I noticed that I'd started to get very dry heels, and not only that, but the soles of my feet were becoming dry and flaky (eeeww, I know!). This led to me finally cracking open (haa haa see what I did there ;o)) the Soap & Glory Heel Genius foot cream that I had in my stash. This foot cream has worked wonders, I kid you not! After just a few uses it was goodbye to dry flaky soles and hello silky smooth skin. I know there's a lot of hype around this foot cream within the beauty world but I can honestly tell you that the hype is justified. After all, how many beauty/skincare products have a '93% would repurchase' percentage on MakeupAlley... Not many let me tell you ;o)
The foot cream is a pale sky blue colour with a slightly fruity come minty/menthol scent. It's not in the least bit overpowering. Even if you aren't particularly partial to the scent, it's going on your feet which is about as far away from your nose as possible on your body ;o). The cream has a balmy consistency and it sinks into the skin well without leaving a greasy residue. I tend to massage this into the soles and sides of my feet in the evenings, as well as a tiny bit around my toe nails, before popping on my comfiest, fluffiest socks and letting the cream do its magic. I don't wear my socks to bed, even though the packaging does say to pop on cotton socks and let the cream soak in as you sleep. In the morning I wake up to the softest skin my feet have ever had. It really is genius!
This brings me nicely on to the second thing that my feet have been loving lately and that's my fluffy, bright pink, Christmas socks.Whilst at home, instead of wearing slippers, I wear these socks that enable my feet to feel the heat coming through from the underfloor heating. I picked these socks up from H&M here in Japan and they are lined with this fleecy fabric.The inside of the socks is incredibly soft and oh so warm. I tend to wear these in the evening, after putting on my Heel Genius foot cream. Together, these two items not only keep my feet warm but in tip top condition. The socks were so comfortable that I picked up a blue pair for my hubby and told him that I got them from the men's section. It was the only way to get him to wear them ;o). Now we are one of those couples with his 'n' her matching socks lol.
Since I developed arthritis in both my feet and toes, I've been unable to wear shoes with any form of a heel. This was fine in the warmer climates of Singapore where I lived in flat sandals and ballet flats but the weather in Japan is similar to England, which means it's pretty cold right now. Ballet flats just don't cut the mustard when it comes to keeping my feet warm. The cold goes right through the soles of my shoes and so my feet are constantly freezing. When I was back home last month, in my ballet flats, trying to navigate the street puddles, I finally decided enough was enough... I needed some warmer shoes, or ideally boots. After spending two days trawling the shops trying to find boots that were completely flat but failing miserably, I came across these in H&M. They're basically a spin off of the UGG boots but without the hefty price tag. I'll be honest, they're not my favourite style of footwear but they are sooo comfortable. Most importantly they keep my feet nice and warm, and dry. I've been living out of these since we got back to Japan. They're all I where when I go outside and they'll be pretty much all I wear for the next three months or so until the warmer weather arrives :o).
I hope you enjoyed this little post. What are your feet liking these days? Have you tried the Heel Genius foot cream? What did you think of it?

Love Sheen xxx
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