Monday, 16 September 2013

Treats From Home

Good Day Everyone,

Whenever we come back to Singapore after a visit back home, inevitably we will have a couple of weeks where we feel a little homesick. Seeing our friends and family again, and all the familiar places and sights that have been home for many years tug away at our heart strings :o(
However, with the wonders of modern technology the feeling of distance is greatly reduced and to soothe our aching hearts we always bring a (few) treats from back home. For my hubby, this will consist of PG Tips teabags, chocolates and biscuits (he is the biggest tea and sugar addict I have ever come across). I sit on the opposite end of the spectrum and love savoury treats and so usually bring back some of my favourite crisps – namely Walkers Cheese & Onion and Seabrook Prawn Cocktail flavour (oooh my mouths watering as I write this)!

In Singapore, we don’t get Walkers but Lays (which is the brand name of Walkers for Asia), however, we don’t get the same flavours that you would back in England like Cheese & Onion and Prawn Cocktail,  instead we have Barbeque, Sour Cream & Onion, and Classic (the Ready Salted equivalent). Crisps, in general, tend to have Asian influenced flavours in Singapore (as one would expect) such as Wasabi, Seaweed, Jalapeno, Hot & Spicy. Therefore, I always buy a few packets to bring with me each time I go home, but not too many mind you. When I was in my early 20s I went through a phase where I was kind of addicted to crisps – they were my vice and it took a lot of will power to wean myself off this little addiction ;o)
Most of the chocolates my hubby brings back can be bought in Singapore but they taste different here due to the higher oil content which is used in Asia to prevent the chocolates from melting as easily. In fact, many of the ‘global’ brands taste different here, even Coca Cola, which in Singapore has much less fizz and tastes more like a sugar-syrup (not nice at all) compared to Coca Cola back in England.

So for a few weeks, after a trip back home, usually on a Friday night we will chill out at home watching the latest series of Doc Martin or Downton Abbey whilst nibbling on these treats from home with a warm fuzzy feeling in our hearts :o)
Love Sheen xxx

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