Thursday, 26 February 2015

JVlog #8: Mitsui Retail Park & The Best Waffles Ever

Good Day Everyone,

After several grey rainy days, hubby & I took advantage of the blue sky sunny day last Saturday and headed out to Yokohama Bayside Marina. At the marina there is the Mitsui Retail Park which is like an outlet mall so we mooched around the shops and had a wander along the boarded walk way. To get there we traveled on a train line called the Seaside Line...  such a cute name for a train line, don't you think?
Yokohama Bayside Marina
Mitsui Retail Park

On the way to the Seaside Line we came across a waffle store in Shin-Sugita station and I can honestly say they were the best waffles I've ever had! With flavours such as honey & ginger, orange chocolate (which tasted exactly like Terry's Chocolate Orange) and chocolate chip, there was no way we could resist. They were sooo good that we ended up stopping off at the waffle store on our way back too ;o). At the same train station, we also had one of the best cups of coffee we've ever had - it was a good food and drink day!
Amazing coffee
Whilst we were making our way from the train station to the marina the sound of the song, Feeling Hot Hot Hot, caught our attention and across the road there was a warehouse depot with a Caribbean come Indian vibe selling a whole host of weird and wonderful things. There was everything from furniture, clocks and lampshades through to jewellery, clothes and shoes.
The earrings I picked up from the warehouse depot
Naturally, we had to go and explore, and you can see more in the video below.

Walking through the car park of the retail park we noticed a man stood with a goat and a tortoise in a glass box... very random!

I hope you enjoyed this vlog and insight into our life here in Japan.

Love Sheen xxx
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